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To give you a little background about myself, I’m a qualified life coach (with a fabulous training organisation that is producing some of the UK most amazing people centred coaches in my opinion) and an active member of the NCP (National Council for Psychotherapists) and regularly have articles published in their members magazine.

A regular guest on Notts TV 6:30 Show I’m also often on BBC Radio Nottingham as one of Mark Dennison’s ‘Loose Ladies’!  Both are always great fun and I love the opportunity that they present me with to spread my positivity to a wider audience.

And that’s really me in a nutshell as I am always positive and upbeat and love encouraging that ethos within you and all those who cross my path.

Energetic and enthusiastic, I love working at a pace to get quick results but also do recognise the need for space and quiet times too.

I have a background in recruitment and have worked within the sector since 1987 and seen so many changes during that time too – trim phones to smart phones and no CVs to an online presence! In January 2014 I founded a recruitment business,, which continues to flourish and expand.

In addition to my skills as a life coach my recruitment experience has naturally generated a niche within career coaching.  However I do believe that the two are so intertwined that they really are one and the same thing as you spend so much of your life working.  And it doesn’t have to be work if you’re doing something you love doing!

My real passion is for shining a light on and igniting that passion within you…

Encouraging you to follow your instincts and to live your life on purpose, love what you are doing at work and at leisure or even a combination of both to be the best you can.  When you’re happy within and at work you’ll be happy with life in general.

Which is how I would love everyone to be.

I love seeing those around me transform their lives and I get very passionate about supporting and encouraging them too.

I have worked with quite literally thousands of people over the years on a one to one basis both within the coaching and recruitment forum and have helped so many of them to change jobs successfully.  And at the same time helping my clients to recruit the right staff for their organisation.

Achieving all of this through my love of working with people directly, building rapport and helping them to facilitate their goals in life.

I firmly believe that like reflects like and that by demonstrating a positive outlook on life, celebrating achievements and always upholding unconditional positive regard we can all live a much happier, healthier life.

Non-judgemental and professional, I’m passionate about working with you to help you to facilitate your goals, whatever they may be…

I will listen, and question, and tailor our session according to your needs, drawing upon my experience and a range of tools and techniques (including NLP)  that will best suit you, whilst highlighting all that you have achieved and how you have everything that you need already within you available to achieve your current goals.

So whether you are merely looking for assistance in changing jobs, or have goals that you want to achieve at work (a promotion maybe or sideways move) or you’ve hit the big time in your chosen career but feel something is missing but don’t know what.  Then call me for a free chat to see if I am the person who can help!

It may be a case of making some small shift changes in your thought processes and behaviour to achieve your desired results or really digging down to find out what really makes you tick …

This is where the magic and excitement starts to happen and you start your journey to a happier and healthier life!

“It is a delight to work with just Sarah just being in her energy is an inspiration. When you work with Sarah you achieve the outcome you desire. If there is one thing I know for certain with Sarah there are no limitations to your success. With her Keep it Super Simple philosophy that allows no room for self-sabotage you will take your life to a whole new level. Sarah has an amazing gift of opening you up to endless possibilities so you can live and love your life. Her company name says it all.”

Julie Anne Hart

A little more about me…

I love life and try and live it to the full at all times.  I am reasonably fit and regularly attend yoga classes and enjoy going on yoga retreats too.  I also love playing squash and getting out on my road bike when the weather permits (fair weather cyclist!) and love walking within Derbyshire and Pembrokeshire too.

Qualified to second degree reiki and although I am insured to offer this as a therapy I tend to use my skills personally and with close friends.  For anyone requiring reiki or healing therapies I recommend and

I have also undergone the basic level of training with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and plan to qualify in this area as I see it as a valuable addition to the tools and techniques I can offer alongside life coaching.

More recently I have attended The Secrets to Hypnosis Seminar with Dr Richard Bandler (one of the co-creators of NLP) and Paul McKenna.

As well as continuing monthly CPD with I also undertake various other courses, including ongoing personal coaching that runs throughout the year with my business coach, to ensure that I am able to offer you the best possible service as a coach I can.

As final note I am in the process of writing a book which I fully intend to be a ‘go to’ book for anyone looking for a new job or career change.  Practical tips and advice, case studies and exercises but also the magic of manifesting your ideal / dream job.

My inspiration came to write this after I booked myself 2 speaking slots and a stand at the NLP Life Training The Best You expo at the ExCel centre in London next March.  I figured I needed a book to promote too!

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