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If you’ve read my profile page you’ll know already that I have spent many years working within recruitment prior to moving over into Life Coaching and so I really feel that I have a natural understanding of so many issues that arise in relation to you and your career.  For example:-

You may want to progress and develop your career but feel stuck in a rut and not know which way to turn.

Perhaps you want your hard work to be recognised or maybe you want promotion but you need some additional support in knowing what you need to do to achieve your goal(s).

In this current climate you may be facing redundancy or already be out of work and be unsure what to do next.  You may want to change direction completely or just need assistance / support in knowing how to achieve your dream job.

You may simply have reached a crossroads in your career.  What you’ve been doing for years may no longer be the area you want to work.  You may therefore need help in making those life changing decisions and some support in facilitating your goals.

Or you may just  want to gain confidence in dealing with issues at work or want help handling difficult situations.

These are just a small sample of the situations or scenarios you may be facing and want help and support with.  They aren’t limitless, and as you can imagine I’ve heard a lot of stories over the years!  However, I’m here to help ….

So what can Career Coaching with me do you for you?

Well, I’m here to listen, without judgement, and to ask the right questions that will enable you to facilitate your goals.

I can help you to put together clear and specific outcomes / goals that you will be able to work towards using all the resources you have readily available to you and which I will help you to facilitate by using a wealth of tools and techniques.  Selecting those that I feel are most suited to you and your requirements.

By working together you will be able recognise and access the strengths that you already have within you.  We will celebrate the all your successes and achievements – however large or small they are all to be celebrated.  You will amazed when you realise how much you achieve all the time!

I will be able to help you recognise the options that you have available and how to make choices that are right for you, but they will be your choices and decisions not mine.  I won’t be telling you what to do but I will help you find out what you want.

I can help you identify your passions, skills and the motivation you have already and need to access to make the changes that you want in your life.

By making small changes I can help you gain confidence and build up your self esteem to move forward in your life.

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