I have to be honest, I’ve been a bit behind with blog updates for my website of late as I’ve been flat out work wise … a lot more of that to come as I get up to date and post about all that has been happening.  But for now I just wanted to post the latest Notts TV Show that I’ve been on – Tuesday 31st August as it was a fabulous show.

I love meeting the guests and on this occasion I met Raphael Blake, a poet amongst other things, who now lives in Nottingham.  His brother has just been in the 2016 Olympics.  A talented family indeed.  In fact I want to catch up with him again soon and interview him for my book … whoops just let the cat out of the bag!!

Yes, I’m writing a book right now to hopefully inspire you all to live your life on purpose by following your passions.  As per Raphael and other people I have and will be interviewing too so I can share their inspiring stories.  It’s not all about other people though as it’s really about getting you, the reader, to connect with your passions and combine what you love doing with your working life so that you earn an income enjoying what you are doing.

In my roles within coaching and recruitment all too often I speak to people who don’t know what they want to, they don’t like their job, they don’t know what they’d really like to do either but I want to help change that with my book!

It’s well in progress at the moment and I am working very closely with an editor (the amazing Emma Sasai) too so that I can get it finished and published in time for the speaking slots I’m booked into at The Best You Expo at the ExCel in London next year .. whoa that’s more out of the bag!

The links are below:



And this is the link to the show – check out Raphael’s awesome and spell-binding delivery of his poem.  I’m on there too – not doing poetry of course, just the usual commentary and general positive slant on life!


I will be back with more as this is just a very quick update!!

Have a fabulous September!



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