Do you need help with your curriculum vitae?

Creating the right cv is vitally important, particularly if you have a specific job / career in mind.  It is your window of opportunity to really ‘sell’ yourself and put yourself at the top of the initial shortlist for interview.

Having spent nearly 27 years in recruitment I know how a good cv with the right wording will jump out instantly with employers – given of course that you have the right credentials for the job in the first instance!  However, even if you are the ideal candidate for the role if your cv doesn’t portray you as is should you may well find yourself being passed over for interview.  And, if that occurs, you’ve missed the opportunity to tell a prospective employer more about your experience directly and increase your chances of being offered the position.

I am used to looking at and sifting through cvs in relation to specific roles and can recognise a good candidate despite either the lack of information or pages and pages of detail.  I have also spent many years altering these cvs to ensure that they stand out and reflect my clients’ requirements, thus giving them a higher chance of securing an interview and ultimately securing a job offer too.

Most employers want to see what you’ve done in relation to their job and how you will benefit them instantly.  Quite simply they don’t have the time, or inclination in many cases, to wade their way through the high volumes of cvs that they receive in today’s electronic world where cvs are sent at the click of a button on a recruitment website.

It’s all about presentation…

I can help in a variety of different ways;

  • I can help you create a standard cv from scratch, if necessary, which would involve working with you to build up all your experience and presenting it as a curriculum vitae.  This would take longer and would involve a higher charge.
  • I can help you update your existing cv so that it is presented more clearly and ensure that it really ‘sells’ you in line with the types of jobs you are applying for generally.
  • Or I can also help you tweak your cv if you are applying for specific roles.

This service is available as a bolt on to those who are receiving careers coaching from myself but it is also available as a standalone service to anyone who feels that that they need some extra help with their cv.

Costs; these will really depend on what you need doing .. please call me or email for a FREE chat to discuss further.

I look forward to hearing from you …

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